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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Massage by the Sports and Remedial Massage Clinic

Sports Rehabilitation

Why is Rehabilitation so important after injury?

Do you have:-
Recurrent ankle sprains?
An annoying niggle in your buttock/back of thigh which comes and goes?
A weak wrist following fracture?

The primary aim of injury rehabilitation is to enable an athlete to return to sport with full function in the shortest possible time1.
For non-athletes, rehabilitation is necessary to become pain free and return to full functional activities of daily living as soon as possible.

Without rehabilitation, your injury will ‘feel better' after a while. This is the point where many people will assume that their injury is back to normal but it is not and re-injury can easily occur. Joints may feel stiff and lack their full range of movement. Tissues such as ligaments and tendons can take up to a year to regain full strength. Muscles will have become weak and imbalances can occur when you stop using the injured limb correctly and substitute a different movement.

All this may not be obvious until you do something that over stresses the area such as lifting a heavy object, DIY, gardening, running or jumping, going back to training, then... wham........excruciating pain and back to days or weeks of hobbling around!

A rehabilitation programme will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle. It is important to grade the programme so that the injury is gradually put under necessary stress to strengthen it and allow the tissues to heal correctly. This should always be pain free. The programme will require several appointments to make sure that you are progressing and exercises need to be changed as your injury heals. Exercises will always be demonstrated first and you will be asked to do the exercises during your appointment to check that you are doing them correctly. This is really important to accelerate your recovery and stop you injuring something else!

If you have an injury that you feel would benefit from rehabilitation or would just like a chat about the possibilities please call SRMC on 01481 724723 or Rose on 07781 406303.

Ref: 1. Brukner and Kahn Clinical Sports Medicine 3rd Edition McGraw-Hill

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