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Deep and Remedial Massage

Massage Treatments from the Sports and Remedial Massage Clinic

What Happens When I First Come For A Treatment?

The first treatment will normally last one hour.  As this is the first treatment a brief history will be taken and you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire which provides some back ground to any current or previous problems/concerns, along with any conditions which may prevent certain types of treatment.

Depending on the nature of your concern a postural assessment and/or specific muscle tests may be carried out.  This will enable me to gain an understanding of where there may be imbalances within the muscular system.  As it is important that I can both see and work on the relevant areas of the body I would ask that you wear swimming trunks, sports shorts or bikini style swimsuits instead of normal underwear.  Some techniques can be performed through clothing and for this it is requested that loose, casual clothing and not tight jeans or trousers are worn.

From this the general nature of the techniques to be used during your individual treatment will be explained.  These will develop as the treatment progresses and each change will be explained.

During the treatment and massage a gentle base oil or lotion may well be used and this normally sinks into the skin quickly.

After the treatment you may feel some post treatment soreness but this will normally disappear after a day or two.  You should not worry about this as it is usually a sign that the treatment is having a good positive effect.

How Often Should I Have A Treatment?

That depends on the nature of your concern and how often you wish to come.  Some clients gain benefit from coming once a week, while others find that a maintenance treatment every few weeks works well for them.  Often it is a combination, for example if there is a specific or long standing problem there will be a series of frequent treatments which then move on to further apart but regular maintenance treatments.  As with everything the frequency will be tailored to the individual's requirements.

Sport and Remedial Massage Clinic