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Deep Oscillation Massage

Deep Oscillation Machine


This is a massage therapy that works on the effects of creating a low frequency electrostatic field in the client’s tissue beneath the applicator or gloved hand, while either is in motion over the skin.

It reaches a depth of 8 cm penetrating the entire depth of the tissue layers, improving lymph drainage and encouraging speedier rehabilitation.

There is no cause for concern that the therapist or client will electrostatically charge during treatment, the device is fitted with patented circuitry meaning a circuit is never completed. No heat is used, no electrical stimulation. This is applied as normal massage through vinyl gloves or applicator.


In contrast to externally applied, mechanical forms of therapy, (e.g. vibration), the therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® takes place in the tissue itself and works through the entire depth of the tissue layers (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels)

Stimulating wounds to heal
Oedema and Fibrosis Reduction
Cellulite Treatment: Oedema Reduction
Cellulite Treatment: Rough fibrous septae/Disruption /
Improvement Of Skin Elasticity
Highly effective in reducing pain
Bruising reduction
Increasing mobility and sensitivity
Faster return to normal activities cutting rehabilitation times

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