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Seated Acupressure Massage

seated acupressure from SRMC

Seated Acupressure Massage

Help to Ease Stress and Tension Release When and Where You Need It

What Is Seated Acupressure Massage?

Seated Acupressure Massage is based on a traditional form of Japanese massage call "ANMA", which means press and rub. It works on the muscular, circulation and nervous systems, stimulating over 60 specific pressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms.

These short acupressure massage treatments are the perfect way to bring relaxation and energy into daily life, whether it be in the workplace, at an event or at the Sport & Remedial Massage Clinic treatment rooms.

What Are The Benefits of Seated Acupressure Massage Treatments?

The "kata" or sequence of movement's work to improve the flow of energy throughout the body while strengthening and balancing the muscular, circulation and nervous systems. It has been designed to help reduce the stresses of everyday life and those in the experienced through the work environment.

Although not an exhaustive list Acupressure Massage has been show to be effective for:

  • Stress related muscular tension
  • Skeletal problems
  • Backache
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Stimulates and increases blood circulation
  • Dispersal of toxins
  • Improvement in the flow of energy throughout the body
  • Helps key muscle groups to relax
  • A decrease in blood pressure and pulse
  • Aids good posture through the vertical seated position which encourages proper alignment of the vertebral column
  • Improves mental focus and concentration

What should I Consider Before Having Seated Acupressure Massage?
In general Acupressure massage has far more benefits than risks, but it is still worth considering both benefits and risks before making an appointment.

It is not suitable for pregnant ladies or for those ladies who are trying to conceive therefore if you are in either of these situations then you should refrain from this treatment. It is also not sitable to treat acute musculoskeletal conditions, severe cases of Osteoporosis, Epilepsy (unless it is under control) and anyone with thrombosis.

Who Should Provide Seated Acupressure Massage?
It is important to seek treatments from a certified and fully qualified massage therapist. SRMC Seated Acupressure massage therapists have also obtained the Certificate in Acupressure Massage

What Are Seated Acupressure Massage Treatments Like?
Treatments are designed to be received fully clothed while seated face forward in an ergonomically designed chair for optimum relaxation and comfort. The whole treatment last approximately 20 minutes,

The therapist uses their hands, thumbs and elbows to apply pressure to the acupressure points without the need for the use of oil or lotions. Throughout the treatment finger and palm pressures are used on areas of the back, neck, scalp, arms and hands to promote relation and allow energy to flow through the body.

Like all our remedial massage therapy sessions Seated Acupressure massage treatments take place in private treatment rooms at our purpose built clinic.  However, they are also designed to be easily performed in the workplace.  If you are interested in workplace sessions and want to find out more then please don't hesitate to ask us for details.

What should I Wear For Seated Acupressure Massage?
Anything. As Seated Acupressure Massage is provided fully clothed and can be given in the workplace even if you have a suit on it doesn't matter, although for comfort and to give better access to the back muscles, we would ask you to remove your jacket.

How Often Should I Have A Treatment?
That depends entirely on you. It is totally safe to have Seated Acupressure massage daily, however not always practical! Typically clients have a weekly treatment to help to relieve particular conditions and once they feel that their body is balanced they might move to fortnightly, three-weekly or monthly "maintenance" treatments. Other clients have Seated Acupressure massage on an ad-hoc basis as a treat and it is very popular in the workplace to help with stress and tension. . As with everything the frequency will be tailored to the individual's requirements.

What should I Consider Before Having Seated Acupressure Massage?
It is preferable before receiving your Seated Acupressure massage that you consider the following guidelines:
Do not eat a heavy meal within 2/3 hours of a treatment
Do eat something light such as a sandwich or some breakfast if the treatment is in the morning within 2 hours before the treatment
Do not drink alcohol
Painkillers can mask the signs of pain so you may wish to avoid taking them before a treatment so you can give feedback to the therapist regarding the level of pressure being applied.

Incorporating Seated Acupressure Massage into Your Normal and Work Life Routine
Timeout no matter how small is a wonderful antidote to stress and muscle tension caused by everyday work and living. These treatments will leave you feeling energized, alert and clear headed as well as relaxed and revitalized.

As they are short concentrated sessions lasting 20 minutes they can easily be arranged to fit in with your busy diary weather delivered at your workplace or at our clinic rooms.

To Book A Treatment and To Discuss Your Personal Requirements
Contact Dale at the Sport & Remedial Massage Clinic
Tel: 01481 724723
Email: info@srmc.co.uk
Web: www.srmc.co.uk

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